Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Think about the polarized objectives inherent in a modern golf shoe.  We avid golfers want:
·         Great traction for those side-hill lies on wet grass, but no dents or scuff marks on the greens.

·         Serious support and stability for an aggressive rip at the ball, but lightweight comfort over a 3-5 hour walk.

·         Styling that looks athletic and updated, but respects the traditions of the game.

·         Waterproof technology that locks out water, but high quality leathers that look classic, breathe and take a shoeshine.
As you see, it’s not an easy formula.  Golf course superintendents around the U.S., whose jobs depend on preserving smooth putting surfaces that roll at 11-14 on the stimpmeter, lament the way aggressive new “soft” spikes and other aspects of “techno-traction soles” leave thousands more marks and much greater green damage than the old 11 point metal spikes that were outlawed long ago.  Many “spikeless” shoes have hard plastic nubs on them that also damage greens worse than metal spikes ever did.
Then there’s the styling, support, comfort and “leathers” of most new shoes.  Who really wants to see a golf shoes look more and more like skateboarding or NBA basketball shoes?   Are we running a marathon out there, or are we looking to swing aggressively at the ball and get the distance we need?
So, since a bunch of us in the management of Allen Edmonds are avid golfers and we wanted to “bring classic back” to the time-honored game, we thought there’d be one man uniquely qualified to partner with us – golf’s greatest champion, Jack Nicklaus.  Working closely with Jack throughout the design and testing of our new golf shoes, we think we’ve come up with the best answer to the contradictions on the market today.  Let us know what you think….  Here’s the link to our Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf by Allen Edmonds page on our website.

Hit it long and straight (but don’t scuff up the greens)!

Paul D. Grangaard
President & CEO

Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation