Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We’re heading toward March and all of the storied basketball and hockey tournaments around the country.  They are great distractions to make all of us in the north forget that winter is still dragging on and on, as our Spring Fever reaches acute levels. 

One of the advantages of AE’s Made in USA production is our ability to offer new shoe concepts at most any time of the year.  Another is how our head of production, Jim Kass, gets to use his creativity to make shoes nobody else had been thinking about. 

My son is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, which has been to the Rose Bowl in each of his first two years there.  Last year, his team faced Oregon, where one of his best friends had gone to school.  Jim had a great idea to make red and white shoes for my son and green and gold shoes for his buddy.  This year, my son had to deal with an intra-family rivalry as both his parents and his two sisters are Stanford alumni.  The trash talking was pretty fierce again. 

Jim again made colored shoes (cardinal red and black) for all of us and also for one of our board members, whose son plays on the Stanford team.  He also made some blue and gold pairs for friends of ours who are big Notre Dame fans.  The reaction from other fans to these shoes is always pretty astounding.  So….we thought we’d let you decide how you want to color some shoes to show your team spirit – or just to make some great-looking shoes. 

Have some fun with it.  We’ll get the shoes to you by mid-March, in plenty of time for the big face-offs and tip-offs.  You’ll be the talk of the town.

Go Team!

Paul D. Grangaard

President & CEO

Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation