Saturday, July 30, 2011

Allen Edmonds is a bipartisan company – we’re supported by loyal customers of both red and blue stripes. In the last year, we’ve also been supported significantly by Wisconsin Governors of both parties and their administrations.

Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat, visited our plant in October 2010 to announce a low interest development loan to help finance the growth of our Port Washington plant and employment base. In these times of persistent economic uncertainty and gyrating consumer spending, the financial aid helped us have the confidence to invest in a strategic plant expansion and additional employees. The loan was not officially approved, however, until early 2011, after Republican Gov. Scott Walker took office. Fortunately for the over 100 new hires we’ve added in our plant this year, the transition went seamlessly for us.

Paul Jadin, the new Secretary of Commerce, and his wife Jane visited our plant this summer to see what we’re doing with the aid and also learn more about our operation. It’s clear that Sec. Jadin is a solid choice for this key role. There’s a great manufacturing heritage in Wisconsin and it needs to be vigilantly maintained. I was impressed by both the Secretary’s and his wife’s intense interest in what we do and in how we do it here at Allen Edmonds. Like so many other Wisconsinites, he has been a longtime AE Man.

Since at least 1980, every Republican and Democrat U.S. President has worn Allen Edmonds. We’re deeply honored and grateful to have such fantastic bipartisan support across the nation and in our home state – presidents, congressmen, governors, cabinet members, Republicans, Democrats – AE customers all.

Thank you for your support of this almost 90 year old American employer.

Best wishes,

Paul D. Grangaard
President & CEO
Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation