Friday, November 6, 2009

The calendar has turned to November now. Around the country, the various versions of winter weather are about to move in with unstoppable determination. That obviously means hidden puddles of water in most regions and, across the Snow Belt, it means that enemy of good leather – street salt. At Allen Edmonds, we’re passionate about the health of your footwear. We believe that we’re the largest shoe cobbler in the world: Recrafting™ some 50,000 pairs of shoes a year! And we make our fine shoes to last for years, not just several months.

This November we’re introducing two new ways to battle the salt, puddles and slush. First, we’ve introduced the new EXECUTIVE COLLECTION shoes –absolutely top quality dress shoes with a cushioned footbed and impressively tasteful rubber out-sole. Unless you turn your shoes upside down and look closely, you can’t tell that these soles are rubber. But they stay dry and help keep the salt lines away like rubber should, and the cushioning inside gives them “out of the box” comfort. Here are pictures of the Van Ness and the Lombard from the Collection, just fantastic dress shoes. For the man who wants to protect his shoes from the elements, or who just prefers the extra cushioning, the EXECUTIVE COLLECTION is the right choice for sharp-looking attire.

Our second winter offering is a brand new kind of galoshes called SWIMS™. I was up in Toronto last winter (Canadians know a lot about winter) and discovered SWIMS™ in a shoe store there. Made by a Norwegian company (Norway does winter, too), these are the best shoe coverings you’ve ever encountered. Unlike other rubbers that leave a dull residue on your shoes, SWIMS™ are lined with a soft material that actually buffs your shoe while you walk. They’re more sturdy and long-lasting than other products. And they come in different colors if you want to brighten up a grey day. We started carrying SWIMS™ in our New York and Chicago stores in early October and sold out of our initial supply in just a few days!

Winter is a great season; at least I’ve always thought so as a die-hard Minnesotan. My native-Texan wife and I disagree about the virtues of walking on frozen lakes (she clearly doesn’t think I walk on water) or slipping out-of-control on snow (aka “skiing”), but she now agrees that winter has its own charms. You just have to be prepared.

Stay dry,

Paul D. Grangaard
President & CEO